The InforScope platform will take care of your Excel source data for regulatory reporting.

Today, financial institutions are confronted by more assertive and aggressive regulators and wider and more intrusive rules. Banks, insurance companies, fund managers and other financial firms face tough and challenging times. Financial institutions need to submit a wider range of information to their regulators than ever before.

Data warehouse environments are used to provide the data for this regulatory reporting. Retrieving and combining data from multiple data sources like back-office, general ledger systems and third-party data feeds. The majority of the data sources for regulatory reporting are stored in databases, but a small percentage of source data for regulatory reporting is still provided via Excel files. In order to integrate the data in the Excel files with other data sources, the data in the Excel files is loaded into a database.

This is where the InforScope software can help you saving costs, speed up the delivery, improve the data quality and provide a data delivery audit trail.

InforScope provides a secure and easy-to-use platform where the business or external parties can submit Excel files. The platform enables the business-user to format the Excel so it is suitable for loading into a database. The inforscope platform makes sure that the business controls the quality of the Excel-data, but the IT-department can still decide where the Excel-data will be stored in the database.

InforScope has some unique features:

  • There is a user-friendly web front end where business user can load Excel files into a database. There’s no technical knowledge and no local software required.
  • The platform automatically generates an audit trail on who/when published, approved and delivered the Excel data.
  • The platform analyses every published Excel, showing possible data structure issues via color coding.
  • The platform writes the Excel data to your database (oracle, sql server, mysql, db2) and automatically converts date and numeric fields.

Load Excel into Oracle or SQL Server Database

InforScope Demo Login

You can access the InforScope demo system by selection the button below and use the following credentials:

  • User Name: demo
  • Password: demo
Demo Login

How does it work?

After logging into the InforScope platform with a personal account, the user can publish Excel files on a pre-defined template. The InforScope server will analyse the Excel and if the Excel meets all the requirements for loading the data into a database, the user can review and approve the data. After approval, the Excel data can be delivered to a database table. After delivery, the content of the Excel data is available in a database and can be used to incorporate into the regulatory reporting.

Load Excel into Oracle or SQL Server database

There are two ways to deliver the Excel to a database table:

  • Recurring: This type is used when the Excels need to be delivered incremental on a regular daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • One Off:  This type is used when the content is delivered once or can be overwritten.

In the InforScope administration module the following area’s can be managed:

  • Creation of users and assignment of user roles: user, super user or administrator.
  • Creation of delivery data stores and assigning user access.
  • Creation of delivery templates and assigning users access.

The InforScope reporting module can be used to query the data that has been delivered to the database.

Load Excel into Oracle or SQL Server Database

InforScope is compatible with:

Excel Versions: Excel 97, Excel 2000, Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013
Target Database: Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB/2 and MySQL
Internet Browsers: MS Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox

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Load Excel into Oracle or SQL Server Database

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InforScope is founded in 2013 by an industry data integration veteran who saw the hidden problems of using Excel source files in data warehouse environments.
The software platform is designed to integrate in the current business processes and is developed from a practical business need.

The company is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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